Our Universal Apostolic Vocation

Image of Jesus Crucified and the Sacred Host surmounting a globe

In preparation for the Year of Consecrated Life, which begins this Advent, we have been reading Pope Pius XII’s apostolic constitution Sponsa Christi. The section below stood out as especially suitable to our vocation as cloistered contemplatives at the heart of the Dominican Order: how universal our apostolate, and how simple the means by which we exercise it! Let all Nuns therefore be thoroughly convinced that theirs is a fully and totally apostolic vocation, hemmed in by no limitations of space, matter or time, but always and everywhere extending to whatever in any way concerns the honor of the heavenly spouse of the salvation of souls. And this universal apostolic … Continue reading

Vocation Letters: Aspirancy Reflections

Cartoon of Melanie remembering her time as an Aspirant with the Dominican Nuns

What was it like inside the enclosure?  Now home from her Aspirancy, our fictional discerner Melanie writes this letter to her fictional Vocation Directress/Novice Mistress, Sister Mary Magistra. + JMJ Dear Sister Mary Magistra, Praised be Jesus Christ, now and forever!  I hope you are all having a wonderful July–are the figs ripe yet?  It feels like my Aspirancy ended so quickly, there is so much more I would like to experience! Reflecting on my recent four weeks living in the monastery, I understand much better your warning that the Aspirancy isn’t long enough to know “what it’s like to be a Dominican nun.”  For the first part I was … Continue reading

Vocation Retreat 2014

Dominican nuns speak to young women vocation retreatants.

Our Vocation Retreat last weekend went very well.  Seven high school and college age young women traveled from Louisiana, North and South Carolina, and Ohio to attend—one even drove all the way from Wisconsin!  Each sought to answer two questions: What is the vocation of a cloistered Dominican nun? Is it God’s will for me? We spoke to the young women about the desire for God which draws us here, and about the perfect love—in union with Christ for the salvation of souls—to which our vocation tends.  By attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and chanting the Divine Office in Latin and English along with us, the retreatants experienced … Continue reading

Vocation Letters: Beginning the Aspirancy

Vocation Letters Cartoon: the aspirant Melanie helps the novices gather flowers in the garden

Our Vocation Letter series continues with this letter addressed to her grandmother by our fictional discerner, Melanie.  It sure is hard to keep up with her progress! JMJ Dear Grandma, Praised be Jesus Christ, now and forever!  I am so glad you were able to attend my graduation.  It was such a whirlwind of finishing up finals, packing up to move back home, and the whole excitement of commencement weekend.  Me, a college graduate, and almost ready to enter the cloister?  I can hardly believe it! Mother suggested May 31, the feast of the Visitation, as the day to begin my Aspirancy.  The nuns always like to plan important events as … Continue reading

Consecration of a Child to Our Lady

Blessed and happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, both physical and spiritual! Spiritual motherhood is the main component of any motherhood–leading one’s children to love God and His Saints, and to aspire to holiness and Heaven. Several stories in the Eucharistic Adoration and Spiritual Motherhood for Priests booklet highlight the great influence “family mothers” have over their children, such as St. Monica with her unceasing prayer for St. Augustine, and the mothers of the tiny Italian village of Po whose prayers for their children’s vocations were answered “a hundredfold” by Our Lord. One devotion we like to share with our friends and family is consecrating one’s children to the Blessed … Continue reading