Mary, Mother of our Order and of our Saints

The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Dominican Order

Before St. Dominic founded the Order of Preachers, several men experienced a similar vision. One of them recounts: Once I was caught up in ecstasy for three days and three nights and saw our Lady Mary Mother of God kneeling with her hands joined and begging her Son to wait for the human race to do penance. He put His faithful Mother off many times, but finally answered: ‘My Mother, what more can or should I do for the world? I have sent them prophets and patriarchs for their salvation and they did little to reform; I came Myself and sent out apostles, and these evil people killed Me and … Continue reading

Vocation Letters: Living the Liturgical Year

Cartoon of Dominican Nuns holding letters ALLELUIA

This entry continues our series of “Vocation Letters” concerning our fictional postulant, Sister Melanie.  Here she tells her family how nuns live the liturgical year.  Sister Mary Magistra is our fictional Novice Mistress/Vocations Directress—”Magistra” means “lady teacher” in Latin. Ave + Maria Dear Mom, Dad, Josh, Zach, and Tessa, Joyful Eastertide greetings!  Christ is risen—indeed He is risen!  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.  I was so thrilled to see all your letters in the bundle of mail Mother had saved up during Lent to give us at Easter. When I first was getting to know the Sisters, one of the older Sisters mentioned how intense the experience … Continue reading

Easter Greetings

Most joyful Paschal greetings from all of us here at Marbury!  May God bless you and fill you with an abundance of joy during this Easter season. Our thanks to everyone who is so good to us.  We keep all of you in our prayers. In our Risen Lord and His Holy Mother, Mother Mary Joseph, O.P. and Sisters … Continue reading

Contemplative Novena to St. Joseph

Image of painting of the Holy Family by Josefa de Obidos

When asked which is their favorite month, some Sisters reply without a moment’s doubt, “March!” There are many good reasons to prefer different months—October,for instance, is the month of the Rosary—but March is special because of our great love for St. Joseph and the tender devotion with which we celebrate the month dedicated to him. Last year we posted an Ode to St. Joseph, which one of our Sisters wrote to present to our prioress, Mother Mary Joseph, on her feast day.  Another earlier post on St. Joseph is here. This year we would like to share a novena in honor of the Saint, which can be made beginning today, … Continue reading

Parce Days: Making Reparation

St. Dominic prays at the foot of the Cross with his arms like a cross

The three days leading up to Ash Wednesday we call the “Parce Days” (pronounced PAR-chay, for those unfamiliar with ecclesiastical Latin). These are days are observed as days of special penance in reparation for the excesses of Mardi Gras, going back to at least the 13th century. During the Parce Days, we pray special prayers of reparation, most notably by dropping our other employments and returning to choir (the nuns’ part of the chapel) every hour on the hour to sing the Parce, from which these days take their name. Given that nowadays the Mardi Gras celebration in certain regions runs much longer than three days, it might seem that … Continue reading