Praying for the Souls in Purgatory

On November 2, we observe All Souls Day; on November 8, we observe All Dominican Souls Day.  Especially during November, the month customarily dedicated to the Holy Souls in Purgatory, we encourage everyone to pray for the souls in Purgatory. Why Pray for the Souls in Purgatory? Our Catholic Faith teaches us: “Each man receives his eternal retribution in his immortal soul at the very moment of his death, in a particular judgment that refers his life to Christ: either entrance into the blessedness of heaven—through a purification [namely, Purgatory] or immediately,—or immediate and everlasting damnation” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1022). All who die in God’s grace and friendship, … Continue reading

Novena for the Feast of St. Jude

You are welcome to join us today as we begin our yearly novena leading up to the feast of our patron, St. Jude on October 28. Hymn to St. Jude Sung to the tune of “Come Thou Almighty King” Saint Jude of glorious fame We praise and honor your name God gave you power O help us in our need Please for us intercede You are our haven blest O great Saint Jude. Cousin of Jesus the Lord You earned your just reward You gave your life Preaching amid the strife Converting to new life People most dear to God O great Saint Jude. Novena Prayer to St. Jude Most … Continue reading

Litany of St. Dominic


Today we begin our novena leading up to the feast of our Holy Father St. Dominic, celebrated on August 8th.  This year we are using a devotional Litany to St. Dominic, below.  We invite you to join your prayers to ours, for all Dominicans, and for Our Lord to raise up many men and women in the spirit of St. Dominic burning with zeal for the salvation of souls. The Litany of St. Dominic For private use only. Lord, have mercy on us. Christ, have mercy on us. Lord, have mercy on us. Christ, hear us. Christ, graciously hear us. God the Father of Heaven, have mercy on us. God … Continue reading

Weekly Prayers to the Precious Blood for Priests

Weekly Prayers to the Precious Blood for Priests Sunday My beloved Jesus, by the Precious Blood which You shed on the day of the cir­cumcision, watch over the infancy and the early education of the children whom You have destined to minister at the altar, that they may be preserved spotless till consecrated to You by the Holy Unction.  Bless the families that honor Your Precious Blood, and spread this devotion, by choosing from among them a large number of vocations to the priesthood, and by maintaining their fervor till the close of their lives. Our Lady of the Precious Blood, watch over the living chalices of the Blood of … Continue reading

Parce Days: Making Reparation

St. Dominic prays at the foot of the Cross with his arms like a cross

The three days leading up to Ash Wednesday we call the “Parce Days” (pronounced PAR-chay, for those unfamiliar with ecclesiastical Latin). These are days are observed as days of special penance in reparation for the excesses of Mardi Gras, going back to at least the 13th century. During the Parce Days, we pray special prayers of reparation, most notably by dropping our other employments and returning to choir (the nuns’ part of the chapel) every hour on the hour to sing the Parce, from which these days take their name. Given that nowadays the Mardi Gras celebration in certain regions runs much longer than three days, it might seem that … Continue reading