Welcoming our new Postulant, Sister Anna

Photo of new postulant Sister Anna smiling in front of a statue of St. DominicThe Dominican Nuns joyfully announce the entrance of our new postulant, Sister Anna, on October 1.

Sister Anna comes to us from Bethel, Ohio, a small town east of Cincinnati.  She first learned of our community in 2006 when another young woman from her local homeschool group entered our monastery.  Would she herself become a nun?  “I could never pray that much!” she thought.  When she realized that prayer was not a laundry-list for God but rather a profound relationship of love, religious life began to look more attractive.  Attending our Vocation Retreats in 2013 and 2014, along with continued contact with the Dominican friars, helped Sister Anna discern a contemplative Dominican vocation.  She made her month-long aspirancy with us this past summer following her graduation from Northeast Catholic College.

As a postulant, Sister Anna will spend approximately a year living in the Novitiate, joining in the Novitiate classes, and participating in the prayer and common life of the community.  The word “postulant” comes from the Latin “postulare,” which means “to ask” or “to seek.”  By a deepening experience of the monastic life ordered to union with God, the postulant seeks to know more surely if this life is God’s will for her.

Please keep Sister Anna in your prayers!

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